About CC4H Robotics

Centre County 4-H Robotics is a STEM organization located in Centre County, Pennsylvania and focused on education, teamwork, and real world innovation. CC4H Robotics believes that exposing a diverse group of kids to real world engineering challenges at an early age is critical in developing our next generation of innovators. Students participating in the club go way beyond classroom education in STEM into the hands-on world of design, manufacturing, and programming in the context of local and international robotics competitions.

Join Us

CC4H Robotics offers programs for 4th-12th grade kids from across Centre County. All are welcome, regardless of past experience in robotics or STEM.


CC4H Robotics partners local mentors with STEM and professional skills with enthusiastic students eager to learn. We welcome both student and adult volunteers who want to share their experience in both technical and non-technical areas with our team.

Sponsor Us

CC4H Robotics is supported by local businesses and educational and community organizations. Click below to find out more about our existing sponsors and learn how you can support STEM in Centre County.


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